Just a rebel with some art in his heart. 



I was born on a small island,  on the easterly most province of Russia, in the late 90’s. Thankfully, I managed to squeak in there just in time to be labeled a “millenial.” Oh, joy. 

It took me many years but I finally managed to speak, read, write, and breathe the English language.   Homeschooling, no doubt played an outstanding role in allowing my stir crazy mind to learn as quickly or slowly as I wanted. 

I also am categorized solely beneath the Scorpio and Libra signs of the zodiac.  Mind you, I don’t think zodiac is the “end all, be all.”  However, as men may take a measuring stick to measure a rod, the zodiac is humanities measuring rod of sorts.  A base line prediction if you will of extremely common traits and modalities of people born under those signs, in relation to the respective planets and so forth. 

For those more interested in harder science, I recently discovered I am categorized beneath the personality type, as a INJF.  It is reported that approximately 2% of the population is considered as such.  It has far more validitiy than I wish to acknowledge, as it is based on thousands upon thousands of studies, personality tests, Jung psychology work, and other sharper sciences.  

Again, what a person is born under, or identifies as, is not my concern.  My concern is that people get attached to these “labels,” and then don’t attempt to make change in their own life, simply because “the stars” or “science” said that is who/what they are. They are simply good base line measurements and indicators of what a person would most likely be like, according to scientific measurements, or historical evidences. 


I grew up taking on one challenge before dumping it for something better- a sort of shiny object syndrome before I knew that was a thing. 

I rode horses in 4-H for several years (typical homeschooler.)

Upon finishing that venture, and jumped wholeheartedly into Boy Scouts of America where I learned how to tie the bowline knot, cook a meal in a snow cave I had dug, and how to fund-raise for my Eagle Project.  Less than 3 years after joining our troop 604, I had achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. 

The same year (2013) that I had earned my Eagle Scout, I had also spent several months fundraising in order to take a missions trip to a foreign country.  That country was Nepal.  That was an adventure of epic proportions. I rode on busses, elephants, climbed to majestic heights to see ancients temples, rafted through jungles, and spread a mostly conservative version of the christian gospel.  Good times. Very emotional ones at that.

Then, a  few years later I managed to, with outstanding grades, graduate from Pierce College, a community college with an Associate of Arts, and a diploma.   Everyone was so proud. I was exhausted.  I had spent my time bodybuilding, helping train a few friends in the college gym, and work on class assignments in order to get stellar grades.  

I then proceeded to job hop for nearly 2 years from mid 2015 to mid 2017.  I also began seeking different ways to create income, but nothing was successful.

By summer of 2017 I was living out of my car working at a storage facility full time in near Bellevue, Washington.  

December 2017 I took a flight to Omaha Nebraska.  January I ended up taking a train to Denver, Colorado.  It was a place I had always dreamed of visiting or living.  Long story short, things didn’t pan out as expected, and despite all my hard efforts, I was forced to let go of my room and my cat, and book a one way flight back to Seattle. It was humbling to say the least. 

Here we are mid 2017, and I finally spent money to build a proper blog! Yay me! I want to honor this by using it as a freeform journal but also as a thought outlet, and to provide value to those who find what I say, interesting and uplifting.