Escaping Politics

We aren’t escaping.  Not now, not ever.  

Politics in the US today  is an ever developing arena where liars get crowned, the innocent get trampled upon, and the passerby gets grievously taxed.  

But hear me out. I don’t wish to delve into US politics, or any form of nationally discussed politics for that matter.  

Politics as a word first appeared around the 1500’s, roughly translating to “science of government” (preposterous that there would BE such a thing,) or “affairs of state.”  Let’s go with the second definition for now. 

The political notion grips oh so many things in our day to day life.  Let’s consider major corporations for a minute.  They have a president. A vice president, and so on and so forth.  Countries are established upon the same hierarchy.  Thus, we see the state of affairs is clearly visible within major corporations, organizations and the such.  

What about establishments less inclined to be organized hierarchically?  Many of us experience family politics, and even church politics.  I recall growing up in a church, and it was hilarious how much political bickering was involved within the organization itself.  So, if companies, corporations, churches, charities, families, all maintain politicking or state of affairs within their walls, what is a person to do? 

Steer clear of it. 

Don’t’ get me wrong, however.  I have often sat back and dreamed of the power that would come with being the president of a multi billion dollar corporation or the president of an enormous country.  I realized recently, power was not needed, and I would never have it. 

Nonetheless, love people regardless of their perspective.  There is no need to have a leveraged upper hand in any pursuit.  I think the thing that has escaped much of the political grip is art.  Art will never be right or wrong.  Unlike your pastor, father or senatorial chairman, art can’t be punished or corrected.  It just is, and exists as such.  It paints a picture, tells a story, and brings people together.  Politics on all levels and planes is divisive by nature.  How many politicians have you seen holding hands for longer than 3 seconds to shake a hand or seal a deal? How many artists have you seen holding hands or hugging? 

You see, art is a natural community builder.  And renegades, the builders.  Rebels and renegades are truly the ones left to create the needed art, and to start the needed movements that can bring healing and hope to our squashed down population of liberals and conservatives.  Regardless of whether you identify as left or right wing; remember, we are all apart of the same bird.  

So how do we escape politics in every arena? We don’t.

//We can help the artistic renegades build a better, brighter, & more artistic world where the political landscape can be escaped, and art can be ushered in.//



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