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September 7th 2018 


While most people are out enjoying their Friday night at clubs, bars, theaters, pubs, waterfronts, &  musical events- I sit at home. 

I must be so lame you think.  Maybe. 

Or, perhaps  I value my time much differently than a majority of people. 

If I died tomorrow, I certainly don’t want people to know I was wasting my time at a bar or pub getting wasted. I’d be fine if I died stoned though- on marijuana.  The medicinal herb of the gods so to speak. 

Now, back to what I “actually” wanted to write about tonight.  I have this (dumb) tendency to post stuff on Facebook when it would make brilliant blog fodder.   Then I end up regretting it, letting it go, and not hopping on my laptop to actually expand on the aforementioned topic.  

So, without further ado, here’s a sliver of what I recently posted on my personal page, which by the way, you are quite welcome to add me on!

“Once you set aside the story that your fighting or eradicating ego, you stop caring. All is meaningless like the ancient philosopher/magi Solomon wrote.
In that same breath, you are free to assign whatever meaning to life that you want. You choose the things to care about, and find the focus, clarity, and particularly; the patience to care about those things.”

Another huge nugget for you is this: 

“Deep hidden philosophy in Altered Carbon. 
Quoting the female Bancroft :
“I don’t believe in punishment. I believe in reward.”
Imagine if society thought this way?
Or at least people considered it first?”

Let’s break this philosophy down a little bit more. 

Why do we punish people and animals? To stop them from committing a certain behavior.  

Yet, how often are people and animals rewarded for upright, moral, compassionate and charitable behavior? 

NOT OFTEN ENOUGH.  People are ridiculed, laughed at or thought of as “weak.” I find this gross. 

Punishment is a fear tactic.  There is no place for fear in the new age of truth.  Illusions have fallen and the veil continues to be torn at an even more rapid pace than ever. 

Why don’t we start rewarding compassionate and ethical behavior more often? If enough people realized that bad or impure things weren’t rewarded, where would we be?

Oh, and here’s’ the 3rd mind trip for you for today.   Everything bears a fruit.  That fruit is a lesson, no matter how rotten when it falls off the tree, does it make it any less of a fruit? No.  Lessons are lessons, no matter from whence they orginate. 

Mac Miller died at age 26 today.  Cause of death is reported OverDose on drugs of some sort.  I don’t care enough to even look into it.  What struck me as particularly odd is that the media/news outlets had something to say about someones death. Hundreds of people are born and hundreds more die every day.  So explain to me why a mortal is celebrated (through notoriety at best)  by the media?

Why wasn’t his life celebrated? That’s my question?   Why? Because he came into this world as nothing to the institution and the construct of the matrix.  My best assumption is that the military industrial complex basically used him for a time, offered him a contract, he broke it, and was dealt with in their nammer.  The reward was posthumous. 


Amor Vincit Omnia

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