Of Luxuries, Walking the Talk, Change, Loss, & Mastery

  • “You can’t be living always in the promise of the clouds; it must rain now. Leave the talking and live by walking… It will yield an indelible impact!”

    Israelmore Ayivor

    I diligently scan over the horizon of a new evening in which to relax, enjoy some black pekoe tea, and all the littlest luxuries most of us westerners take for granted. A rug. A couch. A dog. Of which I have none of these, actually – in my own apartment in Seattle. But I do not feel lack. I wish to furthermore train my mind to see solution and abundance everywhere I tread, and upon every thing I lay mine eyes upon.

    This is a calendar year in which I have the immense privilege to truly turn around, and begin walking the walk I have talked about far, far too long. Much has changed. I no longer wake up on some dusty stranger or friends couch. I no longer wake up nearly in tired tears in a car. I wake up in a bed. And oh, how much more grateful a struggle will make a man, truly.

    You probably ask yourself in what manner I may be walking the aforementioned talk. Well, for starters, I have managed to complete one audio book, and start 3 others. And finish reading yet another. This is more than 75% of Americans will accomplish this year, despite the millions and millions of unresolved resolutions that were so comically cast upon the ether of idealism.

    Change does not happen overnight. What creates that overnight change, is a myriad of overnights upon overnights of sweat, occasional blood, and some tears. These so called “resolutions” are merely a chancy whisper at fate, or God, to bring the weak mind to feel better about its given lot, and to fit in with the masses. What a gross joke. You are all better than that. Have goals. Have dreams. Have visions. See in your minds eye what can be. Accept what is, and then go CREATE what can be. Infinite possiblity is swirling all around you. The impossible is only impossible if you believe it thusly so.

    Even as I put these words to page, I feel a rising almost soaring energy in my body to continue writing, and to keep pressing on with vigor; for what lays in my heart, and what fires in my brain keeps me awake at night and must be let out. Like a lion, hungry for his satiation, so too my body and mind must become one, and release all the ideas, metaphors, similes and knowledge that bursts forth from my inner being. There is not but a moment to lose, for life is short. It’s brevity is but a solemn and wonderful reminder that yes, you are here, and you are breathing the breathe that the Divine above and below have given you. Do. Not. Waste. It.

    I implore you all.

    I wish I could find a better word for lost, and I think I have found it. An uncle of mine, withdrew from this life and plane a few months back, in the linear equation we call time, of 2018. I had the chance to read most of his obituary. I was both shocked and impressed. He had lived a fine life, and had filled it with adventure, milestones, and great impact. He had found his meaningful work, and mastered himself and his crafts. Any man ought to be proud of one who has called unto himself mastery and adventure. Without these two elements, much would be lost.

    Robert Greene talks heavily about Mastery in one of his many books. And this is actually one reason why I write as much and as often as I do. I wish to master this art and skill. Even this science if you will.

    I would stay up late into the night and continue to write until my fingers went numb. However, I must rise again, and go create more income through my contract labor. My woman calls and so I must lay my head upon the pillow.

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