Of Zen, Muses, Hahn, & Mondays

Here at last, in the evening do I once again find myself writing and pondering.  Coming back to the center of myself, and taking a step of action to fulfill my commitment to writing something of meaning and value every single day this year.  I made that choice, and I stick to it as firmly as shavings to glue.  

I remember vividly how surreal the beating of my fiancés heart was last night as I lay next to her in silence, pondering upon the words and ideas we had swapped back and forth for about an hour.  The love that a twin flame carries and ignites is nothing phenomenally short of a miracle and of divine nature.  But back to the heart beating.  That level of intimacy really broken down and examined is thrilling.  To truly be present, mindful and listen.  To be there.  That is so essential to Zen Buddhism.  That’s why I have a deep love and respect for Zen.  To still oneself that much.  To be that quieted.  To feel the rhythm of anthers heart.  Of one that is outside of myself.  And to imagine and realize that it beats for me.  That the love it has inside wants and desires me.   This is incredibly humbling.  It only makes me want to be my absolute best for this woman.  

The ancient writers were accurate in saying that a mans greatest muse is his woman.  And one that loves him, is this not the greatest gift of all? One could have every car, every house, every vacation.   But without a dedicated loving partner in which to share it with, much- if not all, the meaning is simply lost.  

This year is already a trip in so many ways.  Watching one event after the other.  My twin flames name is Miquela, but I will refer to her as Miq or Cherokee Battle Angel (CBA) for short.  Anyway, my CBA had, on the 2nd day of this year, been in a very minor car accident, that left her car with a small amount of damage to the front end, and the headlight completely wiped out.  We could have seen this as tragic, yet we did not.  We knew that something better and greater was off the radar.  Our faith in the unseen and the divine pulled us through.  I would also attribute this how we have been training our subconscious to see the solutions in the problems, and, in essence, expect miracles everywhere we go.  As Dr Leaf discusses, what we expect is already reality.  

On a funnier note, I have rarely spent any time on any Apple computers or Macbooks, and thusly I struggle with finding all the key stroke short cuts that accompany both Windows from Microsoft and the Chromebook by Google.  I sit both annoyed and humored at my minor seeming incompetence.  As I am quite behind on the spectors of new technology, what is the best laptop brand for writers and blogger/authors such as myself? I greatly desire anybody’s input on this , so please leave for me a comment or two!

Most Mondays for myself are not usually too bad.  For the latter half of 2018 I tended to take Monday off, in order to avoid it.  I would put in 6 day weeks, and then just drop catering shifts on Mondays.  It seemed a small price to pay, to avoid traffic and really nasty bus routes.  But this week, I felt the energy from the new moon very deeply , and along with how both CBA and I’s love grew, much was felt even deeper.  I wish my words and writing had a better coherent flow, however, the pain in my feet is very deep, and I don’t wish to suffer anymore with their regard.  I must continually bring myself back to the present moment, and recognize my suffering as Thich Naht Hahn writes.  I will say, this man’s writing is nothing short of humbling, and extraordinarily eye and heart opening.  Just finishing two of his book has blessed me in unfathomable ways.  I have so much more to write, and will write for the rest of the year, but rest, recovery, and an epsom salt bath call to me ever so gently. I just now realize at this hour that I have missed the best time to post a live video to Instagram. That is ok, progression is better than perfection and I may still have a few moments with which to flood the digital lands with wisdoms gleaned from other mentors, authors and speakers. With this I bid thee Adieu and blessing. 

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