One Thousand Dreams

That picture above is indeed a jail cell.

I’ve been in one of those.  Thankfully, not for long, but I’ve been in one.  And I literally hadn’t committed a crime when I was arrested.  

Getting arrested when your white, is actually a very weird thing. I was actually near Seattle, so the crime levels are higher than you would suspect, and the racial division is noticeable.  You can say race doesn’t matter, but you would be lying both to me, and yourself.  I don’t let race interfere with my relationships with anyone.  But the blue in badges however have strong opinions depending on your skin color.  

I honestly don’t know what would have happened if I was a different skin color on the morning of my arrest.  And I honestly don’t want to know.  I was asked for my personal documents.  (The license, for “commercial driving” use,  registration (not title mind you), and insurance (which although somehow is mandatory, hundreds and thousands of hard working people cannot afford basic liability insurance and end up driving “illegally,” yet our right to travel upon publicly funded roads, is our Constitutionally protected right.   The GOVCO has it ALL wrong.  What can we do though? 

Anyway, I was then asked to drop my jacket, had my wallet and documents confiscated, was fully patted down, and cuffed.  

What’s actually worse, I had a TON of cash in my wallet from a recent paycheck.  Bonus info on that on the end of this post!

Getting cuffed when you have done nothing wrong, is the weirdest, grossest feeling ever.  Try to picture this.  You feel ill, like you ate something rotten.  Mix that with disgust, fear and confusion.  Then, add to the fact it’s about 6:45AM.  Yes, thats right! I was barely awake!  

Mix that all up, and then get politely tossed into the back of a 2017 Ford Explorer Cruiser Patrol Rig. Hint: ITS NOT COMFORTABLE at ALL! And it was COLD.  Very very cold! No heat, which I”ll take a mighty assumption here and guess that patrol cars in the back have neither A/C or heat. 

The police officer mafia group then made some calls and rolled out, taking me to the detention facility.  Why do I say mafia? Because it was organized exactly like a mafia.  If a private company building’s alarm is tripped by an early rising employee, early for his shift, should that warrant the use of 3 fully equipped Ford Explorer Police Units? Does that make fiscal and man power sense?

I”ll let my readers sort that out for themselves. 

Long story short, I was bailed out.  (Thanks Dad, I still owe you on that one actually.)  

There is a secret to getting bailed out faster , which I will reveal right now.  Always always always carry one thing if you have any possibility or chance of possibly getting arrested for ANYTHING, whether or not it’s your fault.  As the world moves toward a cashless society, cash is still king.  And cash will get you bailed out of jail much, much faster.  Just to be safe, carry about $100.00 USD anytime you plan or think you could possibly get in a legal situation that could get you arrested.  Another alternative to that is the LegalShield app.  It’s $25USD monthly, giving you 24/7 access to a law firm.  There are app shortcuts for creating a will, getting a speeding ticket taken care of with ease, and a host of free legal forms you can access instantly.  

Either option will prevent much of the mistreatment that the local Public Servants (Cops/Police Officers/Badged Gang Members, Badged Mafia Members) will attempt to often pull.  This does not mean I personally dislike cops- many really enjoy thier job to protect the peace and our citizens.  I am actually close to a third through writing a song called “1000 Dreams”, about my experience going to jail.  You will  hear how I describe blue badges in that song, so stay tuned as I will be posting music links in upcoming posts!  


QUIZ: How long do you think I was detained?

A) 4 hours

B) 6 hours

C) 12 hours

D 33 hours


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