Workin For Free

Don’t do it. 

I did and it’s no fun. 

Today I felt compelled very strongly to touch on this subject. 


A few months ago, back into the summer, I ended up working 10 or so hours -maybe a bit more for a moving/delivery company based out of Los Angeles.  It’s a really crummy company, so I would avoid them anyhow.  

A close friend of mine at the time, had reminded me that we were “probably” going to help his friend move.  Like 3 weeks ago.  He didn’t even have the manners to remind me the day of.  

So, after 10 or so hours of moving people’s furniture, I was roped into moving his friends entire 2 bed apartment into a moving truck.  Guess what? We didn’t get done until 2am. 

And I didn’t earn a dime.  I basically got my ass handed to me for nothing for 6 or so hours. 

First off, I get it- if your friends run a business or a restaurant, you can possibly run discounts on the food, or the books or whatever product your business sells.

But labor in my opinion should never be free. EVER.  It’s disgusting to take advantage of someones time and effort like that.

You can always buy more product to sell in a typical business.  You can’t get lost time back from free labor.   

The biggest bother to me here was that my close (at the time) friend didn’t warn me beforehand, he just showed up after shift, and said “were going to help my friend.”

I didn’t have a ride at the time, so I just assumed it was nice to have a ride.  In hindsight, I could have hopped on the bus and been home with 4 hours to spare.  Needless to say, this situation recently cropped back up in my life again, and I explained why that event hurt my trust in his so much.  That event really took its toll on my trust with this friend.  

Moral of the story: Know yourself, trust your judgement and intuition, and never let someone wrangle you up for free labor. Never.  Volunteerism is one thing, this was a whole different ball park. 



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